If you're a fan of music - whether live or recorded - you probably find yourself thinking about why you love music so much. It could be any number of reasons, but your friends who are not as interested in music as you are have a hard time understanding why you love music so much. The truth is that the best description probably comes from just playing music that you like and saying, "THAT is what's so great about music!"

Well, Gentleman Road is on board with you, dear music fan. When you listen to the band's debut EP Fireflies & Gasoline, the first song you'll see listed is "Love about Music". This is a song that lauds the merits of music. Specifically, it's about how music makes people crazy - in a good way. It's also about how music just generally improves your life. Think about it. No matter where you are in life, there is a song that is perfect for you. Whether you're content, heartbroken, or any other emotion, there is a song that speaks to your situation in life - and that's exactly what Gentleman Road sings about.

No matter what you think about the term alt-country, Gentleman Road is really a master of the style. "Buick Century" is a great example. On the one hand, this song is reminiscent - mostly in the harmonies - of Bob Dylan. On the other hand, it's hard not to think about bands like Old 97s and 500 Miles To Memphis when you hear this song. It definitely has a punk rock aspect, but at the same time it has some serious twang - especially in the steel guitar.

There is also something about Old Crow Medicine Show in the sound of this band. This is most apparent in "Moonshine". Don't get the wrong idea. This isn't like "Wagon Wheel" or anything like that. However, the melody is catchy and twangy, and it is just as pretty as any song from Old Crow Medicine Show. This song features some steel guitar that will get you moving. In addition, it features some lead vocals that just reach right into your soul. Whatever that inexplicable quality is, it’s obvious this is a real band. No sequencers, no samples, no auto-tune…just honest, gritty, country rock made the way God intended.

-By:   AXS Contributor